Hrvoje Prpic

Hrvoje Prpic
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Korisnik već: 2 godina (od 14.12.2020.)
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Ime i prezime: Hrvoje Prpic
Organizacija: CRANE
Zanimanje: Predsjednik udruge vozaca elektricnih vozila
Grad, država: Zagreb, Hrvatska
Kratki životopis: I am a successful entrepreneur and ex-business angel based in Zagreb, Croatia. I like to win and have made all my success by my own skills as an entrepreneur.

I have a non-traditional background. I didn’t go to university but, after my training as an electrical engineer in Zagreb, I was conscripted into the state army at the outbreak of war in Yugoslavia, where I was born and grew up.

After there was peace, I wanted to make money and build my own tech retail company. I started in the garage of my apartment block by selling my own computers using generic parts. This became a busy and growing business and so I opened my own store, HGspot (similar to PC World in the UK) in Zagreb, Croatia. The business blossomed with me as the CEO until we had 50+ stores throughout the region, a workforce of 350, and an annual turnover of USD 120m. At this point I exited the business via IPO and cashed out. Although at the request of the banks I returned as a consultant to the business three years later when it experienced difficulties under its new owners.

Since then I have worked as an angel investing my capital and skills in a range of local and regional start-ups. Each business invested in by me is carefully diversified and reflects my own interests in retail, sport, and design. I work closely with the founders and carefully guide and nurture each business.

Trillenium, an augmented reality e-commerce platform, has received GBP 1m of my own money in seed investment over the past two years. The company was relocated from Zagreb to London and then to the US, in order to take the company to the next stage. ASOS plc, the biggest fashion online store in the world, acquired 10% of Trillenium. We then raised GBP 200,000 on Seedrs - a crowdinvesting platform. Furthermore, the world's number 1 Olympic and Wimbledon Champion, Andy Murray, has made his first 3 investments through Seedrs, one of which was Trillenium.

I was one of those who recognised BTC in its early phase and invested a certain amount of money while they were worth only $300. I'm still keeping them.

In 2020, I changed my career of a business angel and decided to become a professional skipper after 3 years of intensive sailing.

Alongside to skipping, I am the president of a Croatian national association for electric vehicle drivers "Electric circuit", and still an investor in 6 different IT companies in Croatia, London and Estonia.
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